Hello I’m Meryl Rowlands, a facilitator, a creative and a Somatic Coach.

After 13 years working for a law firm, and a 2-week cliche-inducing spiritual awakening in India, in June 2023 I left my job to embark on a new chapter of following my nose. I aim to be plan-less and productivity-free but guided by the pillars of Exploration, Experience and Expansion. Want to know more? Check out my essay ‘It’s Time’.

Me in a nutshell? I score high on the empathy and extrovert scale, I’ve lived through some trauma (who hasn’t?), I spent half my life in Asia, I came out in my 30s and proudly identify as a lesbian, I spent most of 2023 nomadically but have now landed in Lisbon. I believe in Connection, Growth, Freedom and Play above all else and some other things set out in here: Wear Sunscreen.

When am I most in flow? Being the catalyst who creates connection! When I am facilitating individuals, couples and groups in a Co-Curious session, activating connection with self and others. Check out my upcoming workshops and how to book in for sessions on my Instagram @co.curious, or looking for some Somatic Coaching? See below.

What is Curiosities?

In my essays here on Substack I write about daily life - its joy, its triggers and its curiosities. I am interested in people’s inner workings, general themes of psychology, and trying to capture the human experience to transport you somewhere relatable.

My fodder? As I experience new things, soul-search for answers and battle with my inner critics I will relay my explorations to you. Hopeful some of it will resonate, but ‘take the best and leave the rest’! Enjoying what you’re reading? I’d love to connect with you so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

What is Co-Curious?

I run mindfulness/self-exploration and somatic workshops for groups, individuals and with couples. It’s hard to know where to start with on a journey of self-reflection and self-discovery and to find the time. My vision is to help you carve that time to start.

Co-curious is a space where you’ll be facilitated through self-development activities - Guided Meditation, Facilitated Journaling and Supported Sharing. All under the somatic umbrella of building better embodied self-awareness. Let’s get out of our heads and into our full bodymind.

More on this at my Instagram @co.curious - please get in touch if you’d like to register for an upcoming workshop.

What is Somatic Coaching?

I outline what Somatic Coaching is in this article here, but in a nutshell… Somatic Coaching is a body-oriented coaching practice where the focus is on the whole self, sometimes referred to as the bodymind. Unlike traditional coaching methods that predominantly focus on cognitive processes, the attention is on the thinking mind AND what the rest of your body is telling you.

Experiences you’ve had can manifest in physical sensations, behaviours, and bodily responses. They are imprinted in the body’s nervous system. The holistic approach taken in Somatic Coaching thus recognises the vital role the body plays in our overall wellbeing. Our bodies hold valuable information and insights, which, when accessed and integrated, can lead to profound (and, more importantly, sustainable) shifts in our lives.

Humans are integrated neuro-psycho-biological beings. The body is a reflection of the mind, and the mind is a reflection of the body. This is not a goal-oriented coaching style, in Somatic Coaching we take a gentle client-centred and ‘awareness-focussed’ approach to the process of this intelligent unfolding that happens when we check in with our full self to find answers.

We’ll be having a conversation back and forth, like in a regular coaching session, but I might also invite you to try out some embodied interventions where you’ll be having a conversation with your body and seeing what clues it might be giving you. You’re in the driving seat though so we’ll do whatever feels right for you. It might feel a little unfamiliar, so try to stay experimental, curious and playful. The body takes its time so allow for the unfolding to happen at the pace that works for you, including the important integration after the session.

Interested in having a session? More info and how to register here.


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